Hi there!

My name is Collette and I'm a freelance writer and editor based in Newark, DE.

Since 2014 I've made it my mission to help the underdogs of the world.

One of the earliest pieces I wrote was about a college student starting her own jewelry business, f.y.b., out of her off-campus apartment. Today, her Brooklyn-based company sells handmade pieces nationwide and has a successful mentorship program.

A few years later I wrote a piece for the University of Delaware about a professor who was documenting a dying Peruvian culture. Not only did he get the funding to complete that endeavor, he was named a National Geographic Explorer for his contributions.

After that, I was referred to UD's Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department where I landed a contract writing alumni profiles in celebration of the department's centennial year.

Although I count these projects among my proudest achievements, I always infuse the passion and personality of a client into each project I work on to make it as unique as possible.

This has led to assignments from clients as varied as non-profit organizations, to job seekers looking to enhance their resume, to a content marketing agency wanting web copy for a client in rural Pennsylvania.

I've also taken on projects of a more technical nature, such as pitch presentations for a cryptocurrency client and software development company.

I consider it an honor to help people and businesses turn their ideas into a reality through results-driven content. If you think I could be a valuable ally in your content strategy, feel free to check out my resume linked below or contact me directly at onealcollette@gmail.com